PlayerAgreement / PlayerAgreement


Trans Sidera is designed to be a “strict” Role Play environment. As such, being properly In Character while in In Character areas of the server is enforced. This is to ensure that not only others, but yourself as well, have an environment that is conducive to Role Play. Trans Sidera’s Role Play standards are a part of the user agreement, and thus those standards that must be adhered to. New Players should not be intimidated by this, Admins and Players alike will work with you and cut you plenty of slack as you learn the ropes.

This is a Player Agreement. By Role Playing on this server or accessing it in any way, you agree to abide by this agreement. This agreement may change from time to time, with or without notice. By continuing to Role Play on this server, you agree to any changes made. If you do not agree to abide by this agreement and any changes made, then you must stop accessing the server. Attempts will be made to announce when changes have been made, but it is ultimately up to the Player to review this agreement on a regular basis.

Trans Sidera's content depends largely on the Players. It may contain mature themes such as violent content, sexual themes, language, and other content which is inappropriate for minors, on the order of a "Rated R" movie. As such, no Player under the age of 18 is permitted on Trans Sidera. This also ensures that all Players may Role Play their characters in a manner consistent with their character without the need to alter their characters to keep them appropriate for younger audiences. By accessing Trans Sidera servers, you verify that you are over the age of 18.


To be on the same page, it is important that some of the terms we use are well understood. (Definitions...)

Player Agreement Summary:

Click on "details" for details on each category. Players accessing the server in any way agree to these details.
If any part of this agreement is found to not comply with any laws or is otherwise unenforcable, the rest of the agreement will remain in full effect.

The Two Foundational Rules (details...)

Be In Character
Don’t be an asshole

Role of Players (details...)

To be IC
To author the story of a Character with a well-considered personality and backstory, in response to the setting, external story arcs, and other Characters
To create story arcs involving their Character

Role of Admins (details...)

To create the setting, background story arcs, and provide stimulus for the Characters
To OOCly guide IC setting
To mediate OOC disputes
Not permitted to dictate the IC response of a Player Character unless such IC response violates server rules

Appropriate IC and OOC Separation (details...)

A healthy relationship between Player and Character (both ways)
IC Dispute vs. OOC Dispute
FOIC Between RP Buddies
Buddy Roleplay/Facechecking/Event Logging
Permitted Metagaming
RPing distracted
AFK etiquette

Behavior Etiquette (details...)

Role Play Etiquette
* Role Play is always OOCly cooperative; do not God-Mod or make attempts to out-RP another player
* Do not use OOC exploits for IC gain
* The proper use of emotes
* The proper use of channels
* Do not para-RP
Comply with OOC Admin requests
Handling Disputes
Required Civility - “It’s just how I am” is -never- an excuse for asshole behavior
Restricted Role Play

Character creation suggestions, restrictions, and requirements (details...)

Participation Requirements and Restrictions (details...)

Policy on Role Play Within the Server's Various Settings (details...)

Perma and Banning Policies (details...)

Intellectual Property and Story Ownership (details...)