PlayerAgreement / RoleOfPlayers

The art of Role Playing in real-time in an interactive environment with other Players and Admins is what I like to call “Collaborative Interactive Literature.”

With very few exceptions, Players’ sole role is to be In Character with their Character. The Player’s role within this interactive story is to author their individual character within the setting and interactions with other Characters. Players are encouraged to include some plot devices within their Role Play of their character. This includes story elements from the Character’s backstory, as well as plots or activities that your Character may get involved in during the course of your Role Play. These plots would primarily be focused on your own character, but hopefully will expand to get other Characters involved as well.

Come at this as a Player from the perspective that you are here to write a story. You are writing your character’s story within, and in reaction to, the world around them. You are the author of their story, and they are your Character.