PlayerAgreement / RoleOfAdmins

Admins’ primary role is to create the setting in which the Players Role Play their Characters. This includes background story arcs which encompass some or all of the Characters being Role Played.

Unlike Players, the Admins have the job of making sure that the setting and direction of any plots and story arcs are being OOCly directed in an appropriate direction. This is done so that the Players can remain In Character to the fullest extent.

Admins are the OOC moderators. In the case of any OOC disputes or errors or conflicts in Role Play, it is the job of the Admins to moderate. The decisions made by Admins are to be respected.

The one thing in particular that Admins are absolutely prohibited from doing is to dictate the In Character response of a Player Character. Since it is the job of the Players to author their Characters, Admins absolutely may not. While Admins may (and will) provide external stimulus (such as a character getting harmed) and enforce server rules regarding Character creation, backstory, and limits on Role Play, and while they may make rulings on the success of things which characters are attempting, they may otherwise never tell a Player their character must or may not react in a specific way. The mind, intentions, will, and actions (at least the attempts toward actions) of a Character strictly belongs to their Player.

Admins are coordinators. While Players are encouraged to write and act out their own plots, these plots must fit within lore, and must not step on the toes of other plots already in play. It is the role of Admins to coordinate these plots with the Players who are running them in such a manner that it keeps things as FOIC as possible for all players involved.

Note: While an Admin is always an Admin, they will assume the role of a Player when Role Playing a Player Character. They have no Admin authority over their own Character(s). That said, all Players have authority over their own plots, even if their characters are involved. Admins may still overrule a Player-created plot when necessary.