PlayerAgreement / PermaAndBanningPolicies

A perma refers to a situation where a Character is permanently removed from the storyline in such a manner that they cannot continue to be Role Played. Permas alone are never dealt out as a punishment for a Player breaking the rules, but rather they happen when the course of the Character’s story comes to an end in an In Character manner. Permas are not taken lightly by the Admins, and are not likely to happen completely randomly. There is usually (but not always) at least some discussion with the Player before their Character gets perma'd.

In cases of Players breaking server rules, a Player may be banned from the server. Banning is done on a Player basis, not by Character. Unlike a perma, banning is for Out Of Character reasons. If a Player is banned, they are not allowed to re-join the server with a new Character. Players caught doing this will be immediately removed, and more drastic actions may be taken, including but not limited to contacting the Player’s Internet Service Provider to report harassment and/or hacking. A Character whose Player was banned will likely also be perma'd to ICly explain their removal from the game.

Admins may ban a Player for any reason they deem necessary.

Any payments, donations, and/or subscription paid before banning due to rules violations as determined by Admins is forfeit and non-refundable.